Sovereign of the Seven Isles: Book Six

Spring has arrived, and open war with it. Mostly healed from his wound, Alexander departs the Dragon Isle only to be set upon by enemies from all sides. Outnumbered, desperate and running for his life, he’s shipwrecked in enemy territory then sold into slavery in the fabled city of Mithel Dour.

Ancient and mysterious, it’s said that the city was discovered rather than built. Within, Alexander finds a secret so old and so powerful that it could turn the tide of war … and possibly doom Isabel to the netherworld in the process.

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9 Responses to Linkershim

  1. MVM says:

    Hurry up with the next book, please!!!! I waited too much for this one!!

  2. Joan says:

    Love this series and this WORLD! Is it too soon to ask about Book 7?

  3. Justin says:

    Please hurry with next book Mr. Wells!

  4. Trevor M. Hunter says:

    Having found this series by chance all I can say is WOW!!!!

    Also, in passing, when is the next one due out!!?

  5. Jonathan says:

    I love these books, they are probably my favourite kindle titles. Keep up the most excellent work!

  6. Alicia says:

    These books are amazing! Keep it up!

  7. Scott House says:

    I’m not much for commenting really and from what I’ve read of other comments I would just be saying the same things as everyone else. I am an avid fantasy reader and hope to write one of my own soon. I just discovered this series a couple weeks ago and wasn’t able to put them down. Now as I’m finishing book six I realize its not over and I must wait for another in this series. As one of your newest fans I must also throw in my plea for an arrival of book seven…seriously though I can’t wait and we have much to do! I want Phane’s head now and I’ll open the nether gate myself to get it! So much ground to cover though so perhaps there are plans for more than seven books??? Oh that would suck, I don’t want the story to end but having to wait for a book 8…or 9…no can’t do it…how about a nice 3000 page grand finally…and soon! Ok I’m done now thanks for reading my babbling and thanks for an epic read!

  8. Donna Herring says:

    Scott House and previous comments cap my feelings to a tea!
    Love your series and just started reading in March also and now I am finished with Book 6.
    Oh to wait so long is so tense!
    Thank you again, wonderful reads!!

  9. Malcolm says:

    Enjoyed the series solar.
    UK kindle claims xray enabled but this does not seem to work on this one

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