Finally Published

After working on Thinblade for over two years, editing, rewriting and then editing again, I’ve just published to Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble’s eBook store and Amazon’s CreateSpace print on demand store.

It’s been quite a learning experience. When I started writing I thought that the writing would be the hard part. Turns out the writing is the fun part. The real work is in the editing. Then there’s the cover design and the layout and the formatting. A lot more goes into creating a book than just putting words on the page. But, it’s done, finally.

I’ve posted the first five chapters on this site for you to read. I hope you like them. If you do, I hope you’ll read the rest. I’ve worked hard on this world and Thinblade is only the first installment. I’ve already written the second and third books, although they both still need more editing before I’ll feel comfortable putting them out into the world. I’m working on the fourth and expect to complete the series in book five, or six … or maybe seven. All depends on where the story takes me.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site. If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you.

David A. Wells

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60 Responses to Finally Published

  1. William Tilley says:

    liked the story hurry up with the next books. they will satisfy my hunger for read a little while but please hurry. but make sure they are as good as the first was.
    have fun writing cause I will have fun reading

  2. E. Rinta says:

    Enjoyed the story, hurry and publish Book 2. Want to see what happens next.

  3. E. Rinta says:

    The Sovereign Stone is also great. I’m hooked, write faster!

  4. Philip Algar says:

    is book three out yet and is it on kindle

    • David says:

      Hi Philip,

      Sovereign of the Seven Isles: Book 3, titled Mindbender, will be released in mid December. I’m just putting the finishing touches on it now.

      David A. Wells

  5. Wil Mullins says:

    Read Thinblade and loved it. Got the Sovereign Stone and read it in 2 days. Could not put either book down. Extremely well written. Great character development. Excitedly looking forward to the 3rd book.

  6. Cageybee says:

    nicely done….did a positive review on amazon.

  7. Matthew Warwick says:

    Read the first 3 books in 4 days. Eagerly awaiting book 4 – any idea as to when we can expect it?

  8. cameron says:

    when is book 5 due?

  9. James Mc Vicker says:

    Hi David, just finished all 4 books in just under a week. I am totally hooked. I just want the next book which I guess will be the conclusion. If possible, let me know when to expect the next thrilling instalment. All the best, James

  10. M. Nelson says:

    Hi David,

    I hope you finish book five soon and hope it comes out for the Kindle first.
    Can you tell us the title of the next book?



  11. Liz Cable says:

    Okay read them all – when is Book 5 coming out?

  12. gary c says:

    David i purchased all three books 8 days ago i, could not put them down. i just finished Mindbender. i love these books i can’t wait for the next book.
    how many more will there be? i already have my eletronic bookstore set to email me when you release any new books so i don’t miss them.

  13. tracey hooper says:

    Hi,just read books 1-4 back to back.when is the next one due out?i really need to know what happens to the characters.thanks

  14. Peter says:

    Loved all 4 books. When is number 5 due? Dying to get my hands on it.

  15. Dan Jackson says:

    Just fin reading blood of the earth n really can’t wait till the next few. When can we expect them? Gripping books.

  16. Paul E. says:

    Read all 4 of the books in just over a week, I could not put them down and am now totally hooked. Loved the character development, plot and writing style, awesome and am looking forward to the next book.

  17. H Read says:

    Found your series on the kindle and loved the books so far! I recommend them to all fantasy fans.

  18. c yates says:

    just finished book 4, blood of the earth when can i expect book five.

  19. Juda says:

    As I stated on other posts; I absolutely love this series. I’ve finished the first 4 in about as many days and can hardly wait for the next book. Can you give me an idea when you’ll be publishing the 5th book of this wonderful series??

  20. Patrick says:

    read them all over the past couple of days and wanting to know when book 5 will be out

  21. robert stewart says:

    Just finished book four. Need to know when to look for book five. Cant wait till it comes out

  22. Stuart says:

    Really enjoyed all the books so far, great concepts and well balanced in terms of the various content and number of characters. Roll on the next one! Any idea when it might be released?

  23. John Kappotis says:

    I am a teacher and have some time to read in the summer.My teenage daughter bought me a kindle, where I discovered your books. Within a few weeks I have finished the first four and frantically searched for book five! Loved all four books. I hope that you are working on book five.

  24. nguyen says:

    is book 5 coming out? really love the story

  25. G. Lanham says:

    with writing like this you can write 10 books in the series and I would read them all. I’m waiting on book 5 right now with much impatience. The story is smooth, the characters are real, the world is vibrant. There are very few “page turner” stories out there for me, this is one of them.

  26. Larry says:

    Didn’t know this series continued beyond Book 4 or I would have never started it. I prefer to wait until all are published before I start such a read. How many books do you intend in this set, and when will the next be published?

  27. halina says:

    i loved all four of the first books.i hope my favourite character jataan recovers and a fifth book is available soon?

  28. Johnny says:

    David. Love the books. Do you have a date for book 5 or is there a website that provides updates?

  29. Jack Belton says:

    I have just finished reading your fourth book, it is absoloutly fantastic and had me gripped at every turn! I read all four of them in less than 3 days! I LOVE them! There is no news anywhere concerning the release of your 5th book! Could you possible shead some light on that? A release date maybe! 🙂 anyway, thank you and please keep writing!!!

  30. Justin says:

    Good series. Any ideas on the release of book 5?

  31. ScubaSteve says:

    I have to say, I loved books 2,3 and 4. Thinblade took a while for me to get through because the writing seemed a little simple and I had a hard time getting through the book. But the writing gets better with each new book and they are on par with some of my favorites. Can’t wait for book five. Great job!

  32. James Tinsley says:

    I’ve read the entire series this week, and it’s killing me that there hasn’t been any word about books 5-7. I love your character development and the world you’ve painted. Need more books please

  33. Roddy weir says:

    Ok. Just read all four books in two weeks. Astounded! I’ve read fantasy for 30 years and this is possibly the most spellbound I’ve been since I read the hobbit when I was ten!! Brilliant!
    Could you tell me when the planned date for book five is, as I’m now at a loss:-(

  34. nick says:

    when does book five come out i’m a hooked fan well done mate great stories

  35. Hugh says:

    Great stories, read all four books back to back…can’t wait for the next!

  36. John says:

    I just finished book four, have thoroughly enjoyed reading the series and I am waiting for book five.

  37. Tony Solomon says:

    I’m just starting book 4 and am pleased with your writing (at times a bit verbose but good overall), and very pleased with the world. I also have given great reviews on Amazon.

    I’m wondering how many books you’re planning and your publishing schedule. Are you planning a release every 6 months or so? Is the world evolving as you go or do you have the story arc well defined? I’ve added you to my short list of authors I follow. Good work! I’m very anxious to hear your plans.

  38. thomas says:

    has David wrought any over books i love the “Sovereign of the Seven Isles” and would like to read more of his work if there are any over books out there, and am looking forwards to book 5

  39. Rosa Ramos says:

    I just finish reading book #4,First let me say “WOW”,I have loved fantasy writting, all my life, and I never read a story so, EXCITING, SPELL BINDING, LEAVE YOU AT THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT, AND MOST IMPORTANT IS !WHAT A LOVE STORY!

  40. Rosa Ramos says:


  41. stevo says:

    OMG- I have been entralled for the last two weeks reading Sovereign of the Seven Isles series. I am absolutely gutted that I have to wait 9 mths for the next one. Brilliant. A very good read and hugley entertaining. Looking forwarf to the next few books

  42. MickG says:

    Hi David, I love the fact you ask for feedback after each book
    I’ve just finished Cursed Bones, (you left us hanging again!)
    I really love your storyline and writing style.
    I’ve been reading fantasy since a young age nearly 55yrs, and you are up there with the best, keep them coming.

  43. Wanda says:

    Love this series. Very engaging, good flow in that keeping up with all the charcters does not seem to be a problem with this author. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Please don’t keep us waiting long.

  44. Ricardo says:

    Just read all 5 books in the last week and a half, all I can say is what a great story, your style has made it easy to see the characters come to life and pull me into the story. Fantastic hurry up with the rest please, going to be hard to find some other book that entertains me as much as these have. Can’t wait

  45. Cathy Wheeler says:

    Strangely, I tend to remember the books I’ve read in colors. The “Sovereign” series is remembered as a rainbow….vibrant, rich, multi-hued, and very attractive colors. I look forward to being exposed to those colors every time I pick up my kindle. They are quite addictive. However, I am about to finish the 5th book…like others, I have read them one after the other, and I am sorry that I discovered this series before it’s completion. Now I have to wait for the next installment to “light up my life.” I love the story. I love the fantasy. And I love the fact that I can enjoy the book without grammatical errors jumping off every page. Thank you for the experience.

  46. Todd says:

    The series is great. I enjoy how believable the world is. Aside from wondering what else is on the planet aside from the seven isles, the world is very well detailed. Your unique view of magic is very interesting, as well as your mostly unique demons and creatures. I enjoy reading about crazy tentacle demons and shades rather than just the normal vampires and such. Your books really give my imagination a workout, which I appreciate. I hope you can write another series of books for me to read after you are done with this one!

  47. Steven Manuel says:

    Sovereign of the seven isles is some of the best reading that I have done in a good many years. I really enjoyed the first five books, although I would not have read them if I had known that the series was not completed yet. If possible please let me know when book six is ready so I can purchase it. Thank you

  48. Eric says:

    h=Have read all five books, great reading!! Everybody should be made to read these books as a maater of course. Cheers!! Looking forward to Linkershim. Any chance of letting me know when it will be ready please?

  49. Josh Thomas says:

    Any chance of releasing these as audio books

  50. Ron says:

    Just read “Thinblade” and found it to be one that I had a hard time putting down. When I finished at 2:00AM I immediately checked to see what other books in the series were available and was happy to find several. Excellent work.

    Also – as I usually purchase from, I wanted to know if you will be releasing the rest of your series to this site.

  51. Jayne says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everyone of these books and don’t want to miss out on the next, however, I don’t have wireless and can’t seem to get the notification page to work. Will you please put me on your list. You’re a great author and I look forward to reading much, much more of your writings.

  52. c j miller says:

    Read book 6 cant wait for book7 unable to get book notification to work please let me know release of next book

    • David says:

      My apologies. I’ve been having some technical difficulties with my list plugin but I think I’ve gotten it straightened out. I’ve manually added you to my notification list so you’ll be hearing from me as soon as Book 7 is available.

      Thank You,

  53. John Paul Clarke says:

    I have been making my way thru your series of books after starting to read the 1st book in the series Thinblade which I purchased from a while ago as I had started reading some of George R.R. Martin old back catalogue and was getting a bit bored with it as prefer game of thrones and found your series a little similar to that and to Magician from Raymond E. Fiest which I have read then re-read when he started more books in the series.

    Just waiting on the seventh book now as I am slowly coming to the end of book 6, please keep up the good work as immersing myself into your fantasy series does brighten my day.


    John Paul

  54. Mark says:

    Great series! I bought the first three books on Smashwords in ePub format, and want to continue the series in the same format to read in iBooks. Any chance of publishing them there again?

  55. Copy Foster says:

    HI david,

    Love all the books, have read them multiple times and can’t get enough of each character. I was wondering if you had any thoughts or ideas to continue the series. You have so much to work with, but didn’t know your thoughts for the future of each character. If not I still enjoyed everything going you wrote. Have a blessed one.

  56. Joshua says:

    Just finished all 7 books. Listened to about 8-12hrs a week and couldn’t put them down. Fantastic fantasy story, pulling on all my old memories of Dungeons and Dragons in my youth. I hope you consider writing other works in the seven Isles and thank you.

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