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Book Notification List

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88 Responses to Book Notification List

  1. Sandy says:

    I just purchased your ebook, Linkershim, I love your story! Do you have an idea how many more books in this series?

  2. Martyn Hurley says:

    Loving the books can’t wait for the next one, hope it’s not a long wait.

  3. Lachlan says:

    An enjoyable series. Glad to see something finally going right for Alexander. Is there an eta on the next book?



  4. Fred says:

    David Wells does his job and keeps you reading. You get involved with the characters and want the epic fantasy to continue!

  5. SJ says:

    A well written and thoroughly enjoyable read, from book one right through to this sixth book. Cannot wait for the next installment!
    I have to be honest, I was originally sceptical about such a long series of books, but don’t mind admitting my scepticism was wholly unfounded!
    This is the first time I have ever written a comment on a book, despite reading many good books in the past, but I felt compelled to do so in this case.
    Keep up the good work Mr Wells, I eagerly await reading how Alexander and his companians fair in this intoxicating saga!

  6. Cesar DEGUZMAN says:

    It’s hard for me to stop reading once started and often stay up late reading. Lately, I’ve been late at work due to lack of sleep due to Linkershim. Luckily I’m not on the clock. Can’t wait for the duel to come between Alexander and Phane. Looking forward for the next book.

  7. josh vaughan says:

    Have never commented on a book before but linkershim was well worth it. At one point I even had to go back and reread a paragraph because I missed something Alex noticed when dealing with the babachenko. I have never had to do that with a book before. I love that these books aren’t just a great read but make you think in the process pulling you even deeper into the books.

  8. jose says:

    cannot wait for the next one any idea when?

  9. John says:

    Also waiting for the next book. Great series keep up the good work.

  10. Merv ELLIOTT says:

    Loved the series. Now awaiting further adventures.Well written.

  11. seth says:

    I am so happy i stumbled onto this series earlier this year. This is the best series i have read in a really long time. I cant wait for the next installment and to see what else Phane has in store for Alexander and his crew. Keep the wonderful stories coming!

  12. Darryl says:

    Just finish Linkershim. Really enjoyed the series. I couldn’t stop reading!
    I can not wait for the next book in the series

  13. judy says:

    I have read all the books in the series so fat. Thoroughly enjoyed every one. Anxiously awaiting the next.

  14. Joan Hacko says:

    Waiting for book 7

  15. brook says:

    Thank you

  16. john says:

    Great read. Couldn’t stop reading until kindle fell out of my hands.

  17. Richard says:

    excellent read I only wish book 7 was out already!

  18. Bobbi says:

    Please hurry with book 7!

  19. Char says:

    You provide hours of quality reading, Mr.Wells! Please let our family know when #7 will be available. And Thank You!!!

  20. verry good cant fault any of your books keep them coming

  21. Bill Varone says:

    Great read. Looking forward to book 7

  22. Tammy says:

    Love the Sovereign of the Seven Isles series. When will you finish? Can’t wait! Thank you for the wondeful stories!

  23. Doug says:

    Good read. Maybe best of the series but i had to wait to long for this one i may have forgotten the others a bit. Phane is so evil while Alex is so honorable. I cant wait to see Phane finally defeated.

  24. Chris Brevick says:

    Well written, enjoyed the series.

  25. Noreen says:

    This series is loads of fun. Some people are saying they can’t wait for the conclusion, but I hope it never ends. Always an
    imaginative twist to the
    next adventure

  26. richie says:

    Can’t wait for book 7! All 6 books have kept me captivated from page 1 and have gotten little sleep when reading these amazing books! Keep them coming Mr. Wells!

  27. Wendy says:

    Really enjoyed Linkershim can’t wait for the next book.

  28. joan white says:

    i really enjoyed this book as much if not more than the previous five hurry and write the next one can’t wait.

  29. DanE says:

    I love Sovereign of the Seven Isles. I wish they could be written as fast as I can read them. I love how in every book Alex learns how to do a few more things with his magic and finds or gets new magic items to help. How many more books do you think you will add to this series? I can see how there could be several me with no problem.

  30. bruce walden says:

    Thank you.

  31. Jes says:

    I hate you! I hate you! Every time I read a series, I swear I will never read another one. So, here I sit, having lost countless hours of sleep already,impatiently waiting for book seven. All I can say is keep up the good work and hurry up!!

  32. Tom says:

    Can’t wait

  33. richard says:

    can not wait for next one in the series

  34. Tony Jones says:

    Amazing series, I just wish David could write as fast as I can read. I can’t wait for the next installment.

  35. vincent says:

    a great read. stayed up half the night to finish it.

  36. Amber says:

    Wow..I have left a review on Amazon for all 6 books. All 5 stars. Love love love this series!!!! I can not wait for book 7. Such originality. Love the characters, setting, plot, just everything. Also can’t wait to see what other series you have out next.

  37. Flavia Fonda says:

    Loved the whole series and am looking forward to the next book. they have been exciting and full of adventure. As books I enjoy to read should be, they have been so discriptive I can see the charecters places and events vivdly in my minds eye.

  38. joan says:

    When is the next book published?

  39. Kevin says:

    I really like this series of books. He is like another author that I really like. Keeps your interest at a peak. Can hardly wait until the next book comes out whenever that is.

  40. Fiona says:

    This is an epic story. I love it and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Alexander is definitely my hero !

  41. Wendy says:

    Brilliant series. Can’t wait for the next book.

  42. ken blades says:

    I do not like to read that much but I read all of your Rhineland series. I can not wait to read all the rest that you will write. Thank you for writing them. I anticipate reading ALL that you write. You are a wonderful story teller. Ken`s wife, Phyllis

  43. Susan says:

    Loved books 1-6. Can’t wait for the next book. You had me hooked on book 1. Thanks!

  44. Cheryl L. Weaver says:

    Loved your Thinblade series. Can’t wait for the rest of thr series

  45. patty says:

    Enjoy each and every adventure they must take cannot wait for #7

  46. Robert Jackson says:

    Not since I first read Wisse & Hickman’s Dragonlance Have I enjoyed such a set of books! Thank you for many days of enjoyment. Also thanks for not killing any major ‘good’ characters. While a 62 yr old grandpa, I am a bit romantic at heart. I love the inclusions of D&D characters. Please keep up the good work, eagarly awaiting the next book.

  47. Jody says:

    loved every book please hurry with next one

  48. Annie says:

    Your series is one of the best I’ve read and I thank you for the wonderful and real characters and events. I look forward to each book with bated breath but appreciate the time you take to make each book perfect.

  49. Michael says:

    Love Love Love Love Love Love Your books they have transported me to another world keep writing untill your hands fall off and even then you can dictate lol looking forward to the next book..

  50. rodney rogers says:

    Anxiously waiting for the next book in the thin blade series. Very enjoyable series

  51. Zachery says:

    I have to admit I regret starting this series because now I have to wait for the next installment in this series. This must be how drug addicts feel when they can’t get their fix!!!

  52. noel says:

    cannot wait for the 7 book hope it not long

  53. Cody says:

    I have loved all the books thus far and eagerly await the next. keep up the good work and fair pricing and you will have a fan for life.

  54. Ralph says:

    Love the story and can’t wait for the next book.

  55. Shirley Janzen says:

    I have read this whole series and can not wait until your next book comes out. They have all been fantastic. Each has kept me enthralled to see what happens next.

  56. Gary Patterson says:

    The series started a little bland but compelling nonetheless. With each book Mr Wells is improving in his environs, pace,characters and imagination. I,m now very pleased that I began the series and look forward to more of his work. Well done Mr Wells.

  57. Paula Perdue says:

    Great series.

  58. Carolyn Robbims says:

    Loved all the books, friends that I have recommended them to have all complained that they could not put them down, looking forward to book seven

  59. Margaret says:

    I loved the conclusion of this epic adventure in Reishi Adept. I read it much too fast as I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to the various characters. Am looking forward to reading it again at a more sedate pace to absorb the details.

  60. Bill says:

    Great series

  61. Debbie Price says:

    Loved the whole series. Book 7 was a very satisfying ending to the series. Each chapter kept you wanting to read more.

  62. Thomas says:

    Loved your book. I’VE already bought your 7th book, can’t wait to read it.

  63. Jim says:

    It has been a long wait but loved this completion of this series. I couldn’t put the book down.

  64. jason says:

    Was genuinely sad to see the end of Alexanders war and the very last line was joyfully to say the least. Keep up the hard work can’t wait for ur new trilogy

  65. Mike says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Thinblade series. It had everything I look for in a series. It didn’t drag out any further than it needed to. It kept you reading from the first page to the last. It had plenty of action, adventure, and intrigue, and it kept you guessing on the outcome until the end. I’m looking forward to his next series.

  66. Lynn booth says:

    Ihave loved the whole series , just could not put book seven down.Cant wait for your next book

  67. Kim says:

    I loved this series!!! Emotional…I laughed; cried and mourned….great job!

  68. Jay says:

    While the book was awesome it really suck that the sovereign series I finishing .Really looking forward to the dragon set will tasia and anja be in it THANKS

  69. Patricia says:

    For me this “Thinblade series” was up to my favored Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of truth” series. And that took years of waiting. Light will always dispell darkness and there will always be great fiction to make us remember this truth.
    Dragons are my favorite read so I am waiting once again…….

  70. Richard says:

    Excellent writings. Enjoyed everyone I’ve read….

  71. Dennis says:

    Excellent work. Nice to enjoy a series so completely. Looking forward to what’s next.

  72. Lynda says:

    i have enjoyed hours of excellent reading and look forward to reding your next captivating book thank you x

  73. Lynda says:

    i have enjoyed every book. Read with passion as they seem to have been written with passion thank you for sharing your amazing imagination . I am eager to read your next books. Thank you I have sat up all night reading feeling emotions that have kept me on the edge you are a very talented and accomplished author amazing

  74. Heather says:

    Excellent work! I read all 7 books one after the other and was enthralled the entire way. Excellent story development and loved the characters – Actually felt bereft when I read the last words and realized that was it. Can’t wait for your next works / new series to be published!

  75. Carolina says:

    Wonderful books, I enjoyed every one. The pace was unrelenting! Thank you for the pleasure you have given me. I can`t wait for your next book. Keep well and keep writing xxx

  76. Paul says:

    I have been an avid sci fantasy reader for around. 30 years and have read hundreds of books from Tolkien to Gemmel and can honestly say this is the best series I have read. Could not stop until all seven books were read. Wonderful.

  77. Robert says:

    I just finished Reishi Adept AWESOME can’t wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Susan Golden says:

    Thank you, I found it difficult to put these books down. Look forward to reading your next series.

  79. Travis says:

    I’m new to this series but wanted to say how thoroughly engrossing it is. It’s been awhile since a book has kept me up late at night. But it has happened with this series, love it.

  80. noel anderson says:

    all iwould say after reading the 7book that i wish there was more two come

  81. David says:

    I thoughly enjoyed reading each the books. I would include these books with the greats. Thank you!

  82. David says:

    I thoughly enjoyed reading each of the books. I would include these books with the greats. Thank you!

  83. Brian Robinson says:

    i have enjoyed reading the first two books and I am about to start the third. I have read the WoT series twice as well as the SoT series twice in the spirit of those series I was glad to find these books as I was looking to find something similar.

  84. Grahamhickie says:

    Just finished last book unable to put it down

  85. Steve Sinclair says:

    Great series, loads of action, fantastic story. Will recommended to all my friends that enjoy fantasy fiction

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