Sovereign of the Seven Isles

Sovereign of the Seven Isles: Book One

When second son Alexander Valentine loses his brother to an assassin’s arrow, he discovers that his family protects an ancient secret and reluctantly finds himself at the center of the final battle of a war that was supposed to have ended two thousand years ago.

Pursued by the dark minions of an ancient enemy, Alexander flees to the mountain city of Glen Morillian where he discovers that he is the heir to the throne of Ruatha, one of the Seven Isles, but before he can claim the throne he must recover the ancient Thinblade.

Seven were forged by the first Sovereign of the Seven Isles and bound to the bloodline of each of the seven Island Kings in exchange for their loyalty to the Old Law. Each sword is as long as a man’s arm, as wide as a man’s thumb and so thin it can’t be seen when viewed from the edge.

Thinblade is the story of Alexander’s quest to find the ancient sword, claim the throne of Ruatha and raise an army to stand against the enemy that has awoken to claim dominion over all of the Seven Isles.

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266 thoughts on “Sovereign of the Seven Isles”

  1. Excellent work, riveting with only a few errors; nowhere near as a lot of ebooks that haven’t discovered the word proofread yet. ‘Aide’ instead of ‘aid’ comes to mind! When’s the next one?


  2. Read all 3 in as many days, can’t put them down. Epic adventure the likes of a Tolkien or Jordan saga. Can’t wait for the next installment, please post an update when we might see it.

  3. One of the best fantasy series that I have ever read. Wonderful characters with continuous action,twists and turns, and plenty of magic! Please keep writing and grace us with the next book soon!

  4. Hey please could you tell us when the next book is coming out? I read all three of these in three days and they were amazing. I was so disappointed when I couldn’t find the next book!

  5. Absolutely excellant story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is up there with Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan and Terry Brooks!

    When oh when is book 5 available? You can’t leave us hanging like this!!!!

    Well done Mr Wells.

  6. I have really enjoyed your books they are incredible value for money. Very well written indeed. They remind me a bit of the magician when I first read it many years ago now :). In all honesty not quite that good but more importantly equally enjoyable. Thank you very much for writing themand making them so accessible, if you would like any constructive criticism or proof reading done then I would be delighted to assist.

    Kind regards and lots of respect


  7. I have read all four of your books in as many days and can’t wait to read your next installment. A story you just can’t put down! Well done David.

  8. Loved all your books read them all bri.
    Please keep writing better than tolkin
    When is the next book due for SovereignOfTheSevenIsles the seven ilsles due can’t wait

  9. Good series, I’ve enjoyed all 4 books so far, I just need to wait for books 5, 6 & 7 so I can finish the story!
    Any ideas when book 5 will appear?

  10. I really feel David A Wells deserves some more positive feedback – I also left this on the site.

    First off, I’m not an academic, nor even particularly well versed in the nuances of stories and book writing, but I am a very experienced reader and know what I like.

    If you like the ‘standard’ plot of young, unknown nobody taking on the mantle of King, battling through seemingingly impossible odds and managing to stay ahead of the game – just – then the Sovereign of the Seven Isles series is for you. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this, the series only goes up to book four with things nowhere near the expected end, so I don’t know how many books are planned.

    The writing style for the first, ummm, maybe 50 pages or so of the first book is a little wooden, but you soon get caught up in the story and although the style does definitely improve through the books, you find that the quality of the story and characters soon allow the style to fade into the background.

    I found I invested in the characters and cared what happened to them, especially as I got into the second and subsequent books. The scenery descriptions are sufficient to visualise the settings, the battle scenes are detailed and the magic and ‘otherworldly’ creatures (including Dragons and Fairies) are well thought out and plausible.

    The story is fast paced – almost too fast at times. It’s almost a relief when Alexander and his parties make infrequent stops at one Hold or another – I felt the same effect as a reader – nice to stop for a breath!!

    I’m not qualified to comment on the technical merits of the writing, but as I reader that loves ‘standard’ fantasy I loved all 4 of the books of this series that are currently published and am now waiting impatiently for the other(s)!!

  11. Mr. Wells you are an exceptional wordsmith. I can not remember when I read a tale that kept me so enthralled. At 73, I have read many, this series is among the best! I wait impatiently for the next book….Thank you for making the kindle additions affordable for folks on a limited income
    I am also posting this on amazon!

  12. I’m a sci/fantasy buff and absolutely love this series – waiting with great anticipation for Book 5. Just read “Blood Of The Earth”

  13. Great adventure! A charactor with some humor would be a nice improvement, also if you can bring in a smart little kid with magical skills it would open your series to a much broder crowd. Wishing you the best.
    Thanks for a great read,
    Aaron Frisell from Tokyo Japan

  14. Just finished

    I just finished reading books 1 through 4. I loved them! When can we expect the next installment of this great story line?

  15. Please tell me book 5 is on the way! 1-4 have grown in depth as I’ve read them, and matured into a wonderfully compelling storyline that has me researching and trying to find out when the next book is to be published!

  16. just finished reading earth blood and I’m eagerly awaiting your next instalment. Really enjoyed all the books in the series so far, please keep them coming!

  17. book 5 please!!. I’ve never read through this many books in a series this fast. I started 4 days ago and really, really, need book 5 like right now lol.

  18. Aaaaarrrrrggggh! I thought they were all out! 8o. So is it done yet? How bout now? Now? as you can tell I really enjoy your stories & am quite eagerly awaiting the next. Is it done now? 😉

  19. Just read the first four in a week, couldn’t put them down.
    Looking forward to the rest.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. N/M I didn’t realize Blood of the Earth was out. You should put it up here (if you are not too busy writing 🙂 ).

  21. When are you coming out with the next book? I bought all four thinblade series books and am anxious to continue reading the story.

  22. I love your series, I haven’t enjoyed a series so much sine I finished the Sword of Truth. Do you have any idea when Book 5 might be released? Also, how many books are you planning on for the series?


  23. No worries this going to be the last comment(3rd). I am really disappointed… my very first comment was awaiting moderation and didn’t get approved about getting Blood of the Earth on the Nook. I hope it will be read by author himself and understood.

  24. I have read books one thru four and wanting read five thru how every many it takes to finish phanes demise. How long just wondering

  25. Have read all 4 book and they are greater just finished blood of the earth and look forward to the next installment keep up the great work and thank fora great read

  26. This is by far one of the most gripping and enchanting series I have ever had the privilege of reading! Book 5 please?!?!?

  27. I just picked up this series and am really enjoying it. I purchased the first three books on iTunes but Blood of the Earth is not available except on Amazon. Will it be soon really soon I am almost finished with Mindbender. How many more books in this series??

  28. I have just finished book 4, Blood of the Earth. I have really enjoyed the series. What is the target date for the release of the next book in the series?

  29. First, I wish to thank Mr. Wells and his publisher for making this series available, for e-reading(Kindle), at a reasonable price. Second, I need to inquire as to whether Book 5 available yet?

    Thank You

  30. I started reading book 1 on my kindle and became enthralled and before I was done reading the first one I immediately purchased the other 3 and am now awaiting Book 5 as I’ve completely “devoured” the other four.
    It’s a wonderful story and can’t wait to continue to read this series.
    Thanks David Wells!!

  31. I just went through books one through four in as many days. I have not felt the need to continue reading like in quite a while. Looking forward to reading the next installment.

    Thank you for writing and may you prosper from it.

  32. I too enjoyed the first three books but I am very disapointed that the fourth and it looks like the next book or books are NOT abailable through Barns and Noble for Nook.

  33. I want the next book now! I can’t wait tip it comes out. Awesome series. As good as salvatore, but definitely unique. Thanx for a great read.

  34. Amazing story! You are a wonderful storyteller and I am really looking forward to the remaining journey in this epic adventure.

  35. Great books with story plot that keeps you reading. Let us know when your next book is released. Thank you for a great adventure.

  36. Love your work. Few times do I remember being this entrhalled in a series. Thanks for sharing this with us and I can’t wait for the next one.

  37. I have not been moved to write a comment before, you have described a brilliant, complex, believable fantasy! I commend you and your imagination and hope that you can continue to capture your tale with the utmost speed. I don’t want it to end but following the journey is an escape worth finding! Thank you.

  38. Well ive just recently started your books and have not been able to but them down I’m just about to read the forthbook and I cant wait to see what happens but I think you may have forgotten a very powerful device that could have helped in certain situations which has left me kinds frustrated it is one of lucky’s devices that was mentioned in the first book that they considered using in there second contact with netherworld beast I would love to see it used if it is possible

      1. OThanks David! These books are dangerously good! Read them way to fast! I’m wondering if the David that replied is the David Wells? If so, I love the books even more! I just read book 5 may come out in December! Can’t wait but I agree on doing it properly rather than quickly! Thanks for your hard work and fantastic stories!

  39. I like the story and the books are really hard to put down. However, I’m just annoyed at how weak you make your protagonists to be in spite of the powers or weapons you make them discover. I just keep hoping at every turn of the story that you’d let them use what they have really well and to full potential. That’s what fantasies are for, are they not?

  40. Thank you for a great series. I am also a writer and I appreciate a story that creates characters you can bond with and a story that takes many different paths. Just when we think Alexander is close to resolving a major problem, something unexpected comes up.

    Thank you for writing an interesting series that keeps the reader wanting more. I love to support new authors and you have gained another fan.

  41. Are these books available in the UK (note i said books – not kindle)? Amazon doesn’t sell the books internationally – only kindle editions, and whilst i would like to read this story, i’m unwilling to pay for international delivery charges… any help much appreciated

    1. i bought the books from the USA as i could not find a paperpack edition in the UK, cost a little more but money well spent 🙂

  42. Really great series so far I can’t wait for book 5+! Only thing that annoyed me a very great deal was the constant repetition, how many times does Alexander need to learn to walk through a forest ‘quietly’? I mean really? (There are other moments but this one annoyed me the most) Love the story line regardless though 🙂

  43. Wow!! I had run out of my usual books/authors and looked for something different, I found The sovereign of the seven isles! Brilliant writing, fantastic twists and turns, never disappointed and couldnt wait to turn the page! Such detail, the books and characters come to life, My only complaint….. They weren’t long enough 🙂 and I simply can’t wait for book 5! Well done David!

  44. I love them all! David A Wells,thank you.
    You have to tell us more,I cannot wait.
    Great adventure for any age to read.

  45. I’m almost done with the fourth book. This series is easily becoming one of my all time favorites. I enjoy the large cast and the different POVs.

    One of my main concerns is that books 5, 6 and 7 may rush things. A lot has been covered in books 1 – 4 and I can easily see the series have more than 7 books.

    1. This is my all-time favorite book ever. I first read it my femhsran year in high school, three years ago, during a very rough time in my life and I absolutely fell in love with it. I loved the style, I LOVED the characters, I loved the story. I’m using part of the first page as my senior quote and making my book club read it this month. I’m super excited for all the activities in this program!

  46. I read the first four. Please don’t make we wait too lsng as I am already 71 damn years old and don’t know when senility will hit (my wife says it has already struck hard!). I was expecting a conclousion in book four. Imagine my surprise! Well done on the story and am looking forward to the rest.
    Robin (Mr)

  47. I just finished book 4 and immediately logged into the amazon store, but was disappointed to find out that #5 was not out yet. Please let us know when the next book will be out!

    I would like to give one criticism while I’m here (even though this series has had me hooked for weeks now and I have thoroughly enjoyed it). I don’t think that you have developed Alexander’s powers to their full potential yet. ****SPOILER******Below

    For example, he could go into Isabel’s mind to pull her out of the netherworld, so why has he not even tried to break Phane’s grip on her? Also, if he can use his powers to enter people’s minds and dreams, why has he not attempted to use the same ability to incapacitate people through destroying their minds from within or even taking control of them.

    Further, his ability to see the future seems to have all but disappeared since book 1, when it should really be developing to be easier and more frequently used. With his future sight, Isabel would not have been stabbed at all, nor would he have been reliant on Mindbended to see his enemy’s intended attack. Alexander could have prevented himself from being blinded as well, which seems more important than saving Abigail from getting stuck with a crossbolt.

    Finally, he just doesn’t use his clairvoyance as much as one with such a power reasonably would.

    Of course, if his powers were used to the extent they seem capable, there wouldn’t be much of a story to tell so i suppose there could be reason behind your restraint in their use.

    Anyways, I really love the series and can’t wait until the next book. Hurry up please!

  48. **Spoilers**

    I’m with nick, I feel like Alexander’s powers are developing too slowly, and significant tools come into play only to be discarded or forgotten mind bender was significant enough to have a book named after it,only to chopped in half later after just providing some hollow illusions. Again his ability to see into the future forgotten, he is supposed to be this all powerful one of a kind Mage that up to this point gets his rear end kicked by everyone and everything with a stick or a silly spell! Awesome series though really, I cannot wait to see the tide turn and Alexander and the crew start kicking some major butt.

    1. I have to agree with you on some areas. I think Alexander can easily go to his wife in dreams when they are separated. And they get these powers and I am all excited and then they cant use them because they are blind. or infected with dark taint. or don’t think of the ability. they have a cool keep now it is being destroyed. they have amazing healing but now they cant and becoming evil. has amazing all around sight but now getting headaches because he is blind. I love the story and the magic and fantasy is amazing it is just frustrating they when they get something it gets taken away or they forget how to use it properly. I see where you are going with this making it EPIC and all. I wish you luck and I am looking forward to the next book.

  49. **Spoilers**

    Come on sunshine, hurry up. I am devastated that you killed off Boaberous but am determined to see this through to the end. December would be fine as I can then ignore people over the holidays and read.

  50. I love these books David. Please can you advise when book 5 will be out? I love the characters and I was happy to see that Jataan P’Tal ended up as Alexander’s protector. Can’t wait to read the next book. Well done David and thank you for giving the reader some good fantasy books. Much better than R R Martin with his foul mouth. I just couldn’t read any more of his books because they were disgusting. I would buy your books any day. I would also like to thank you as a pensioner for keeping your books affordable on the Kindle.

  51. Love this series. A suggestion for an item in the third bloodvault is a shield made from the hide of a ‘Scourgling’. I hope you consider this idea. I am very much looking forward to the next books in this series. Thank you.

  52. I have to say that this is by far one of my favorite series that I have ever read, one thing though that I have noticed is that each book becomes progressively shorter in length. Of course I would love the fifth book to be as long as the first book but I understand that you are the author and it is your decision on how long the books will be. I sincerely thank you for writing these books and am impatiently waiting for the fifth book! Have you decided how many books will be in the series?

  53. This is an amazing series. I read the first and just couldn’t stop. I bought the second, then the third, and now I just finished the fourth. I must say that I’m a little tired from the 3 hours of sleep I’ve been getting for the past week while I read the series up til now. I just couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for the next book. Hope the waits not long. Keep up the good work.

  54. I read alot of fantasy novels and i loved these books!page turners for sure, read them all in 2 weeks and i need the next one please! Looking foward to it =)

  55. Ok … so four books in just over four days on my Kindle! Loved the series and am already in withdrawal as no Book 5 in sight! Fabulous plot and excellent characters that take you along for an extreme ride … Don’t you think Alexander deserves a break in his favor once in a while??!!! LOL! Keep it up David .. !

  56. When I first tried book one, I didn’t get past first chapter. I didn’t like the formula approach to the story, and suspected the story line. I put it down for a month and came back to it (since I bought it) and tried to get through the first few formulaic chapters.

    I just finished book 4 and will be buying book 5 the day it comes out.

    I still feel that the writing is a little too formulaic, and I think that has to do with finding the voice of the character. I don’t like how many of the characters kind of sound alike. BUT I get it. The story is actually interesting, and engaging. The magic base seems kind of like D&D based (normally a huge turn off for me), but I get it. It’s a familiar system; it does not take too much explanation to say how the magic works, or that magic users gain power as they gain levels. I like the skillbook idea, and from my hard core game background, leveling up is right in line with classic D&D rules, in that it takes time and study.

    The story does not waste time getting to the action. The bad guys are really bad. I very much appreciate what I consider as a classic Conservative approach to law and government. I like the old law that says government can’t take what you earn with your own hands, and that most politicians are suspect. Government is best which leaves people alone to make choices for themselves. Yet, government has a duty to defend people from those who want to take your freedom. In this case the Sovereign is good, and can see the good or evil in others and act appropriately (god how I wish real leaders had that). The sacrifices made by Soldiers are not “road bumps” in Alexander’s mind, and each sacrifice hits him personally. Mr. Wells could have easily chosen a different set of personal values that Alexander has, and use that instead, but the message about the Old Law seems kind of like a good old fashioned Conservative approach, and even leans heavily on family values.
    So, anyway, good job Mr. Wells. I’ll buy all the rest of the books you’ll care to write. Thanks for bringing this story to the world.

  57. book 5 was much better then book 4. but just a bit of advice can alexander actualy use some magic worth wile and not get his ass kick and his wife taken from him every other chapter dude. Really! shits getting annoying.

  58. i just laern book 5 came a few days ago. now when i go to the bookstore i wil get it along with book 4.

    by the way i am only 15 but i love these books.

  59. The problem with the books is he cant write them as fast as I can read them. I re read the first four the day I bought the 5th book. It only took me six days to read all 5. When will I see the rest lol. David you are an awesome storyteller and I never would have found you without my kindle. Its hard to buy new authors in book form since they are usually 10 bucks or so much cheaper with a kindle.

  60. Absolutly loved all first five books couldnt put them down. an avid fantasy reader but cant seam to find any info on when to expect book 6 or seven.
    An amazin story cant wait for the rest any info wuld be wonderful.

  61. I picked up the first book on a whim just browsing kindle and WOW! I am hooked. I’ve read all five books and can’t wait for more. Keep up the excellent work.

  62. Fantastic read, I can’t wait for number 6. I read the first 5 over Christmas and was so diappointed when my Kindle couldn’t find number 6.
    Hope it’s published soon.

  63. Just finished book five and am literally gnashing my teeth waiting for book six to come out! You really have done an amazing job and I praise you for it. I am glad that you are starting to further Alex’s connect to the firmament and I was wondering when book six is going to come out??

  64. And I forgot to mention earlier that I think the chemistry between Alex and Isabel could be more exciting and I understand given the situations that they are in that it isn’t always convenient to tell the other “I love you” or something else, but if you spiced things up I would really appreciate it. Also I love the syntactical emphatic position you use at the end of chapters or even at the end of the fifth book it was very attention drawing, almost too much if I may say.. Just kidding, by you are an amazing writer and just to let you know I am only fourteen years old and I don’t know if that will help strengthen my critics but I know that it will reinforce the fact that it doesn’t take much to recognize the beauty in your literature and so thank you. P.S. If you have an extra time I would extremely appreciate it if you could email me any tips on writing or even just to say hello but I totally understand if you don’t have the time. Thanks for the incredible books.

    1. Hello Jake,

      I’m planning to publish book six this summer, but I can’t be more specific at this point becasue I’m still working on it.

      As far as tips on writing, I don’t have anything you haven’t heard before. Read more than you write. Read a wide variety of things, non-fiction and all types of fiction. Write often and write what you love. Oh, and pay attention in your grammer classes, it’ll save you countless hours of editing.


      1. Dear David,
        Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you, but thanks on the advice. It really means a great deal to me seeing that one of my favorite author has the time to write back to me. On the subject of school, I am taking a college class this summer at USC for creative writing, and am very excited to start writing on my own. Thanks for everything! You’re a spectacular author!

  65. I love your books. I have read a few hundred fantasy books. Books from authors like Jordan, Sanderson, Feist, Goodkind, Eddings etc. I wanted to say thank you for your writing. Also, I was hoping you could post a map (even a general one) of Blackstone Keep.

  66. Wells finally hit his stride on the 5th book. The first several in this series were strangely written solely from Alexander’s perspective and lent themselves to some awkward reading. As Wells developed this story and apparently his writing style, the result is fantastic. I’m now a fan, keep up the great imaginative work!

  67. just finished book 5 i love the series it is the best i have read in a long time,was wondering when the next book is going to be out.

  68. David, Just on to ask approximately how many books there will be in ‘Sovereign of the Seven Isles’? The last 5-6 authors I have started to read in this type of Science fiction, never seem to get to the end of their series. I had 5 lots of books outstanding at one stage, only 2 now, with the 14th book of one just out – thank goodness. But the other has issued 9 books so far, great read, handled differently, but he is going nowhere at present and takes 2-3 years to publish his next book. So dissapointing especially as I asked the assistant at Watersons if it was a complete set – yes – so much for that.So picked up your name in my quest for a good read, saw this series, and on checking you appear to be a prolific author with your 5 books so far published inside 2 years – brilliant. I have not started reading this series as I would like to know first of all approx how many books you think it will take to complete the series? And secondly will you keep being as prolific in publishing the rest of the series as you have been so far? My apologies if I seem rather forward – not intended. I just want to be able to get through a series reasonably quickly and not wait for 5-10 years to finish a series. hope you understand.

    1. Hello Andy,

      The Sovereign of the Seven Isles will be seven books when it’s complete. My hope and intention is to finish the entire series by the end of this year. That said, I won’t sacrifice quality for speed, so if I get stuck, it may take a bit longer.


  69. I love these books they remind me of the Sword of Truth series. Keep up the good work im looking foward to the next book!

  70. I just wanted to say “thank you” for the excellent read so far. Your writing reminds me of J.K. Rowling, in the sense that the first book started quickly and lacked historical details, leaving the reader wanting to know more. I’m sure this was due in part to your maturity as a writer, as well as the natural evolution of the story. Either way it works in your favor to make the story more engaging for the reader to return looking for details.

    Do you have any sort of per-order mailing list set up for the release of the next book? I saw you already answer that it will be summer of 2013 most likely, but would like to purchase it as soon as its available.

    Thanks again for the engaging read, as well as keeping it affordable for all.

  71. Excellent series. I am currently reading Cursed Bones and was wondering how long it will be for the next book. That will give me an idea if how involved I should get in another series, because I will want to read your next installment immediately upon it’s release. Just love your writing! Keep up the wonderful work!

  72. You did it again. When will the next book be out? Please let me know!!!!
    Now I am off to read another great book from a favorite author Danny Wells called Lost Souls.
    Great reading and love you all

  73. I love every single one of your books, and I still haven’t found one better. I mainly wanted to know how book six is coming along. I bought and finished Cursed Bones the day it came out, and I am very excited to read your next book. Hopefully, your inspiration continues.

  74. Thank you, David A. Wells

    I love your books. They have been a very good read from the first too the fifth, and I am sure more greatness is soon to come. Keep up the awesome work. Can’t wait for SOTSI book 6.


  75. I am now finishing Cursed Bones and REALLY enjoy your books.

    SUGGESTION: Considering we are now waiting for book 6, (for me, very patiently since I prefer a book to not be rushed), I would like to make a suggestion or two or three.
    1. Could you provide an index with characters, current and previous, names and history. Sometimes it’s hard to remember who everyone is and if an index was provided, it would be easy to flip to the index and see.

    2. Could you provide a more detailed map of each Isle? There are now many places involved and it would give us a clearer picture as to where everyone … and everything … is located.

    3. Would it be possible to let something good happen and have it last for a while? I know the entire Seven Isles are war, but even during a war good, Lasting, things happen. These are some very Good People fighting and they deserve some LASTING happiness in their lives … PLEASE!! I would have to say that this is my only complaint.


  76. Hi David,
    I absolutely love your series. I finished boom five the day after it came out an am debating rereading the entire series before book six. What would be awesome is an audio book edition as I am a heavy commuter and listen to half of my literary intake. I there any chance audible might pick up the series? I think I remember reading somewhere that this series is tied in with amazon somehow as or your publishing and sales or something and amazon own audible so I thought I might get lucky but have searched every couple of weeks to no avail. Anyway, as an avid reader of this genre I go through at least 4 books a month an your series is still a favorite and ranks up there with some seriously big names in print. Thanks, Josh

  77. I stumbled across these books when looking for something new to read. I chose book one because the description said fans of Raymond E Feist would enjoy and boy was that right. My favorite 3 sagas of all time are the Riftwar Saga, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Saga, and now the Sovereign of the 7 Isles. I just wish I found it when they were all done, it’s impossible to stop. Your storytelling talent and giving the reader a clear mental vision of what is happening is amazing. Have to say I agree with Beverly in that a Character Index and a map with locations would be a wonderful addition, especially if you could post them online so I wouldn’t have to leave the page I’m on to see them. 🙂 Awesome job, and thank you giving me that new favorite books feeling again!

  78. Just finished book five. Love the series wondering when the next installment will be available? I can’t even find a site with a title or any info.

  79. I have just finished reading all 5 books again and they were just as good this time around but PLEASE let us have book 6!! The wait is maddening!!!

  80. I bought Thinblade to read on holiday. When I was nearing the end I purchased the other four books thinking I had the whole series. I am seriously glad that there are more to come as I have read all five books one after the other finding them very difficult to put down. It is quite wonderful to have another author whose books are so good to read. Great stories and interesting characters.

    Well done and thank you.

    Ps Keep working hard so that all your readers get a new book soon.

  81. Thank you for the wonderful series up to this point. Book 5 left all your readers with a sense of I can’t wait what’s next. I eagerly await your next book in the series.

  82. A friend recommended the books to me but my english isn’t very good.. have the books been translated to any other languages? Preferably German?

  83. I normally HATE fantasy books and never read them, but when in hospital recently my brother (who is heavily into it) lent me his Kindle, & out of sheer boredom I ventured to look at the first book in this series. Before I knew it, I’d read 3 chaps & just couldn’t move away from it. Now like everyone else, I’m just itching to get into the next one & partly wish I’d not started the series until ALL the books were finished, as I’ve long forgotten where the 5th one ended, so will have to do a recap I doubt :).

    AWESOME series – keep up the good work!!

  84. I was just wondering this, Mr. Wells, and hope that you could give me some information. Could you inform me on what age Alexander had become at the beginning and end of each book. I’m finding it rather hard to keep track of that and visualizing him becomes more and more difficult as well.
    PS: Your books are amazing. As others have said, I could not put them down. I thank you for these wonderful novels you’ve put into the world.
    PPS: If you could tell how far you are into writing book 6, Linkershim, I’m sure ALL of us would appreciate it.

    1. Up to book 3 the story is moving pretty fast. I dont think a year has passed. I forget the origional age something like 19 or 20. I certainly think of the char as much older.

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  88. Great. Simply great. Lots of plot complexity yet moving all together in a clear direction. A rare fantasy that I lose myself in the thrill of it. The only challenge, at least for me, is remembering in all the complexity of the previous book, what has transpired, particularly with Alexander’s development and setbacks, which shape the this book. Perhaps a few more past references would have made it easier to follow the totality of the story, at least for me. However, this is minor compared with the brilliance of the story.

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    Michael Gormley

  96. Is it only me that would love to see Isabel be consumed by Phanes darkness and align to him…I like authors that step away from the obvious hero style of writing and into the more Game of thrones style…where the obvious doesn’t always happen.
    It would be nice to see her become truly evil and watch the struggle to recover her….

    Sounds weird…but sometimes these books follow a very obvious pattern,

  97. I just started Linkershim but I love this series it my type of books and I am a picky reader I love a good book to suck you in and never let your out until you have read the last page . I don’t have a fave character they are all awesome as they have there own unique way to save the day or survive with or without Alexander’s help. I even got my Brother-in-law reading them as well , cant wait to finish Linkershim but i hope it isn’t the last book x

  98. I have been a huge fan of fantasy fiction for 20 odd years and this is bu far one of the better series iv read. It has never failed to captivate me at every step, the characters are well defined even the bad ones. It has been a pleasure to rwad and I look forward to book 7 and beyond please keep it up.

  99. Brilliant series, finished Linkershim last night, desperate for book 7, started reading Robert Jordans final book whilst waiting for yours to come out 🙂

  100. David,
    Your story has me so intrigued that I read all 6 books (so far) in less than two weeks – and I’m a slow reader. Looking forward to book 7 – hope it’s on the way soon. Congratulations on a job well done.

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  113. I first started reading this series of books just after Christmas and have spent all my break times lunch times and any other chance I get (which is not much with two small children) trying to get my seven isles fix. These books should be printed with a health warning. WILL STEAL EVERY AVAILABLE SECOND!! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these books and have recommended them to many. I’ve always been a reader but fell away from it for a while but these books reignited my passion for it in a big way. Also try The Golden Acorn and others by Catherine Cooper for a more lighthearted but very enjoyable fantasy read. Many thanks for a very enjoyable read David A Wells.

  114. just finished linkershim is there a date for the next 1? from book 1 these have just got better and better ty david a wells

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  116. Love the series. Only two issues I have is 1) after 2000 years, and that’s not including the time before Phane, they are still using bow’s and arrows? and 2) now that I’ve finished Linkershim I have to wait for Reishi Adept to come out! Keep up the great work!

  117. The story lured me in to a chick novel. Really good story initially, battles and arch mages. Now its covens and pretty much a daytime talk show between girls. I don’t even believe the author is really DAVID anymore

  118. Dear Mr Wells,

    you ask for people to review your books yet the link you supply requires an active Amazon account before anyone can give you a proper review. Only Yanks like Amazon, the rest of the world hates them with real passion. Main reason – I can go to a bookshop and buy a printed copy of your books cheaper than what Amazon sell the electronic version that didn’t require the cost of printing on paper.

    You asked for an honest review so that you can improve your writing, I’m about to give you an honest review but you’re not going to like it. I hope you can accept it as an honest review and not an attack against you and yours, I actually really liked your story, or the first five books that I’ve read so far.

    It took me several attempts to really start reading the first book, mostly because you seemed to have little or no understanding of the characters you were describing. Your character descriptions came across as puerile, facile, false. This did improve notably as the story progressed.

    You seemed to have little or no grasp of the real world outside of academia, so some of your descriptions really hurt what is a fantastic story.

    eg: giant bullocks standing 8 feet at the shoulder and weighing 2000 pounds. 2000 pounds is only 900 kilos, we have normal buffalo only standing 5 feet at the shoulder that weigh much more than that so the ones around Reishi Keep must be pretty skinny sickly things.

    eg: sailors lofting sails and dipping oars at the same time – this is guaranteed instant death for all of the rowers plus the destruction of all the oars. It can’t happen, not even in a fantasy story.

    Those are just a couple of examples, your writing would improve dramatically if you did a little more research before committing pen to paper. Magic can bend the rules of physics but it can’t completely ignore them.

    This next will probably be a touchy subject but it needs mentioning – American English damages your standing in the international community. It’s not just the spelling, you’ve even come up with new ways of conjugating verbs. A classic that makes anyone not from the US cringe every time they read it “he shined a light…” but you came up with a new one – “with his axe he cleaved it”.

    When people that grew up speaking the Queen’s English read something like that they feel like they are no longer reading a story, instead they are correcting a 12 year old’s homework.

    “he shone the light”

    “with his axe he clove it”

    No I’m not joking, I’ve had this argument with yanks before and it really is the correct conjugation of the verb. This is why goats have cloven hooves instead of cleaved hoofs. Interesting to note: the US English spell checker is happy with “hoofs”, it allows it. Even most yanks know that that’s wrong.

    And that leads to one more problem, when you’re proof reading a spell checker is one of your worst enemies. Believe me, I know, proof reading is a very difficult and time consuming task that is mentally very strenuous, I’ve done many thousands of hours. The trouble with the spell checker is that many words when misspelt actually form another correctly spelled word. When your mind gets tired it gets lazy and starts accepting some of the lapses of the spell checker. The classic example is to, too and two.

    For the most part C Wells (your wife?) did a superb job. Most of your books have less of these sorts of errors in them than any other book to come out in the last 15 years, but there’s a few patches here and there where the poor bugger was too tired to carry on and kept going anyway. These patches stand out glaringly because the rest of the book is so clean. Give the poor bugger a break, make her a nice cup of coffee and biscuits and make her sit in a different room and actually take a break before going back to it. The results when her mind is rested are glaringly obvious. She really has done one of the best jobs I’ve seen in a very long time. The devil is in the details. But such is the glory of God.

    In short, you have been telling me a fantastic story, one that really deserves to be written and read, but your lack of life experiences means you either gloss over many details or make the attempt to describe them and give a story that is not very believable. In the end of the fifth book Abigail is lying in the snow with a broken leg, you have very obviously felt this pain yourself, you’ve been there. This is the sort of detail that comes across in your story telling, this part is very believable and engrossing. But them poor skinny cows at Reishi Keep….

    I would very strongly suggest that you travel a bit and see some of the world and find out how other people live, this more than anything else will improve your story telling, but here’s a big tip. In order to find out how other people live you must live with them. If you go on some organised tour then you may as well just buy a postcard and save yourself a lot of money and inconvenience. The only way you can possibly understand how someone else lives is to live by their side in the same conditions.

    But most of the world hates yanks for one particular arrogance – they ask for your opinion then tell you you’re wrong. Why ask the opinion in the first place? If you want to fit in with a foreign culture stick a few Canadian Flag stickers on your luggage and tell them you’re from Toronto, no, I’m not joking. The US reputation is that bad in every country on the planet, the pretence of being Canadian won’t save you if you are as bad as the rest of them but at least they will give you an even chance.

    Pick a culture, pick a village, then explain to the village elders that you are a story writer and you wish to understand how other people live in order to be able to write better stories. Then go and live with those people for three months or so. Because you have been honest and upfront they will try their hardest to be on their best behaviour so that if some of their culture gets woven into one of your stories it will be the better side of their culture.

    Live with a local family instead of in a hotel, eat what they eat, sleep how they sleep, discover life. This more than anything else will give your stories depth and texture.



  119. DE-licious book, coherent comfortable style, reminded me of David Eddings’ style. I did not feel like over-analyzing, critiquing, marking etc. I DID feel like a snuggle with a hot cup of coffee and a good story to escape from mundanity. This book gave it to me in spades THANKS. Nice flow, excellent timing on the events. Great call letting Alex fall in love in time, its reciprocation, and keeping them together!!! I want more!!!!

  120. I want to thank you it’s been along time since I’ve read a series of books this good, l’m 73 and have loved fantasy since grade school. Can’t seem to put them down until finnished.

  121. I very much enjoyed your book. I would like to see more details about what a person looks like and a little more detail about the surrounding. Other than that all I have read has been spell binding and I find myself wanting to read your story at every opportunity. Thank you for the fun ride and keep up the good work.

  122. Loved the series have followed it since I picked up the first book but not giving a spoiler or nothing for the final book I would love to know what happens to our friend jataan he was a great character

  123. I needed a few new books to read on my nook and ran across this book. It sound good so i got it since my genre is scifi fantasy. I read it in about 2 days and could not put it down. I have not ran across a book like this in quite awhile. The characters are well thought out and developed, the world itself is very nwellntoughtout along with the story. It falls inline with terry brooks, R. A? SALVADORE

  124. You Rock! Thank you for caring about us, the reader, and releasing an edited/polished book. I definitely feel that I have spent my money on a quality product. You have taken me on a wonderful, exciting ride through your imagination. I am looking forward to spending many more hours riding along.

  125. Loved the series immensely, my passion for this series can only be matched if you could create a detailed antique map of the seven isles, many would be willing to buy it and it would be just awesome to serve as a reminder of a great series. : )

  126. I truly enjoyed the entire series. I definitely saw improvement in the writing as the series progressed. That said, the story caught my interest immediately. I eagerly awaited each installment of the series. I enjoyed the wrap up of the story as well. Thank you for bringing magic and light to the world.

  127. I have just finished the last book which I throughly enjoyed. Good end to a great series. My only comment would be some of the fighting was too drawn out as was getting to Asogarth. I found myself skipping bits as I got fed up with how many soldiers were killed in detail and how many corridors Alexander had to go down to get where he was going. Will now look for other books you have written as you are a great writer with a fantastic imagination.

  128. This series is absolutely enthralling!! Sign a deal and turn out some movies!! The battle scenes would be great on the big screen!

  129. If this is your fan site you really need and upgrade. I’m really suprised your publisher hasn’t put something together for you with a little more style. Love your books up to three. I went looking to see if there are free chapters for four until I got a chance to buy it.

    1. Ok, I think I get it. You are self published. Wife edited? Wow great books. I’m not sure that i’ve read a self publish longer than 150 pages before this.

  130. Just finished the series. This was an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Your talent and ability is impressive to say the least. This is up there, to me, with Goodkind and Sanderson and Salvatore.

  131. Just read the Thinblade…I am HOOKED! I love the characters and the story line. I cannot wait to get the next one and get started reading it. Fantastic!

  132. You written a great series. It ranks with Tolkien and Donaldson. What a fun read. I haven’t been hooked on a fantasy series in years. A big thanks to you, Sir!

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